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Walk Around Wild Card
  • Walk Around Wild Card
  • Walk Around Wild Card
  • Walk Around Wild Card
  • Walk Around Wild Card

Walk Around Wild Card

$20.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price

***HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Get 50% Off Numbers to Numbers or Get $13 Off Numbers to Jacks/Kings/Queens While Supplies Last!***

Wild card, wild reactions! An easy to perform effect that escalates in excitement and impossibility. The best part? No table needed! The actual best part? You can perform the magic in their hands! 


Thanks to creator Michael Bloemeke, the strolling magician now has a cool, entertaining, and visual piece of magic to be wielded at their convenience.


NOTE: You have 3 Wild Card options to choose from:
1) Numbers to NUMBER, $20
2) Numbers to JACK, $26
3) Numbers to KING/QUEEN (randomly selected), $28

See "You'll Also Receive" below for the additional prop that comes with each set...

  • Assorted Black/Red 9 Card Wild Card Gaff Set
    — 9 Bicycle® quality cards. ($38 Value)

    ✓ In-depth Video Tutorials on Performance and Presentation (Download)

    — O'Brien walks you through each aspect on how to do every move, in detail.
    — You'll also learn how to present the effect in such a way that escalates, so that by the end you have them shaking their head in awe and wonder! ($75 Value)

    That's a $113 value alone, but we've got some sweet bonuses for you as well...

  • The Double Backer Bonus Opener!
    — In-depth tutorial: This interactive opener is the perfect, fun-for-all, stealthy way to lead into your Wild Card routine! You're essentially getting two effects for the price of one! ($25 Value)
    — 1 Bicycle® Double Backer

    ✓ Performance Commentary (Download)
    — This is a professional magician’s play by play breakdown of the performance.
    — You’ll know exactly why O'Brien did what he did so that you can avoid potential hurdles and jump over them with ease. ($29 Value)

    ✓ Duper Practice (Download)

    — Learn faster and start performing quicker with this POV, over the shoulder, slow motion replay of how to perform the effect. ($12 Value)

    ✓ Mirrored Playback (Download)

    —You’ll no longer be trying to follow along in frustration.
    — With a reversed image version of the tutorial, my movements will mirror yours for lightning fast learning! ($19 Value)

    ✓ Chapter Markers

    — Now you can skip to WHAT you need WHEN you need it! #NoScrubs! ($9 Value)

    ✓ Video Captions

    — Need to be quiet? Out and about without headphones? No problem!
    — Captions are perfect for uninterrupted learning when audio isn’t an option. ($12 Value)

    ✓ Infield, Road Tested Script (Download)

    — A quick PDF guide for anytime access to O'Brien's field tested script.
    — Includes insights, subtitles, and troubleshooting tips. ($14 Value)

    ✓ Exclusive Lifetime Access To The Deuce Gala Magic Private Facebook Group

    — Get direct assistance with questions.
    — Get access to a seasoned group of like-minded magicians.
    — Watch and participate in monthly LIVE sessions and AMAs. ($99 Value)

    On its own that's $219 in bonus value!

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