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Magicians! Please STOP Pickpocketing!


Sure it’s popular again, and new books are being published.


But if you truly want to stand out, STEAL the stage with Deuce Gala’s, “The Ridiculous World of Putpocketing!” It’s a full-on ANTI-heist of attention!


Anyone can discreetly remove items from a spectator, but nothing is more silly and exciting than secretly planting an object on them. 


Not only is it absolutely entertaining, but they are guaranteed to remember your act… later that night when emptying their pockets!


In this epic course of over 4.5 hours of mind tickling instruction, you’ll learn 5+ tightly crafted techniques that allow you to covertly hide, stash, and plant just about any object you can think of! Right in front of your spectator’s face!

You’ll get these outrageous routines and more!:


The Gift Card To Wallet

A simple misstep turned miracle!


The Drive-by Drop Off

On the move? No problem! Now you can plant on the prowl!

The Bump & Dump

Were you excited or just dancing? It doesn’t matter! This timing based technique is the perfect method for proximity planting.


The Reach, Release, & Run

Your best method for hiding items in a hurry!


The Hug & Hide

> An intermediate, intimate technique for leaving loved ones with more than just a smile!

In this world you can take it or leave it! But why be a crook when you can be a comedian?


Get Your Copy Of The Ridiculous World of Putpocketing And Let the Philanthropy Begin! 

* * * SOLD OUT!! * * *


Smile inducing surprises become explosive reactions with this simple, elegant, and nearly sleight-less routine. 

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Get immediate reactions and instant rapport with PokéMonte! It’s fun, relatable, and inviting. Using just a few cards, you can easily create a cool, memorable connection with your audience!

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Whether a quick captivating opener or a full on fun routine, the invisible purse is no longer just an unusual and interesting prop, it’s now a main feature!

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