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$150.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price

Walk Around Wild Card just got wilder.


After several months of overwhelming demand, we’ve finally produced POKÉ WILD.


It’s the same easy to perform effect that escalates in excitement and impossibility, but uses handcrafted gaffs delicately put together by the creator himself, Michael Bloemeke.


Thanks again to Mr. Bloemeke, we don’t just have an entertaining, cool visual piece of table-less magic, but a unique prop that creates rapport, intrigue, and is relatable to people of all ages. And yes, you can still perform the magic in their hands!


Choose from two different Wild Cards:

1) Pikachu Holo

2) Charizard Holo (Replica)


These gaffs are not cheap, and not easy to produce. And therefore we are only offering a one-time run of 24 sets each. If this is your thing, grab one now. They will sell out.

Keep reading to see what’s inside…

  • ✓ 9 Card POKÉ WILD Gaff Set
    — 9 handcrafted gaffs from real TCG quality cards.* ($83 Value)

    ✓ In-depth Video Tutorials on Performance and Presentation (Download)

    — O'Brien walks you through each aspect on how to do every move, in detail.
    — You'll also learn how to present the effect in such a way that escalates, so that by the end you have them shaking their head in awe and wonder! ($75 Value)

    *All cards are TCG except Charizard, which are replicas.

    You’re looking at $158 in value, but this is a DG effect, so we won’t stop there. Keep reading to see the $200+ worth of bonuses you’ll get…

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