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PokéMonte (Routine Only)
  • PokéMonte (Routine Only)
  • PokéMonte (Routine Only)
  • PokéMonte (Routine Only)
  • PokéMonte (Routine Only)

PokéMonte (Routine Only)


Get smiles and instant rapport with PokéMonte! It’s fun, relatable, and inviting. Using just a few cards, you can easily create a cool, memorable connection with your audience!


PokéMonte is a charming, unique modern twist on the “Color Monte” classic by Emerson & West. It’s perfect for the seasoned pro looking to connect with a younger audience or the hobbyist wanting to add a unique routine that everyone will enjoy.


Gotta get'em all!


*Routine Only, no props included.

  • • Instant download
    • In-depth instruction on performance and presentation
    • A How-to guide on creating a kicker ending with the spectator's chosen card being revealed in the fairest and most memorable way possible
    DG Duper Practice, a slow motion POV of required handlings
    • The DG 1 Pager PDF with real life script plus additional tips and subtleties
    • Video subtitles for watching when audio isn't feasible
    • Chapter markers for quick access
    • A link to VLC Media Player with PDF instructions for mirrored playback
    • Performance commentary: O'Brien's commentary over the performance video for play by play insights

    No table, no intense sleight of hand, completely customizable, and uses one of the most recognizable pop culture fandoms in existence.

    *Routine Only, no props included

  • Cakewalk for the pro. 
    A breeze for the amateur.
    Simple for the hobbyist.
    Doable for the beginner after a few hours of practice.

    If you can Twist the Ace you can Poke the Monte.

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