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Miracoal by Joshua Ray
  • Miracoal by Joshua Ray

Miracoal by Joshua Ray


Unwrap the wonder this holiday season with Joshua Ray’s A Christmas Miracoal.


Fun, festive, and downright magical – Miracoal reels in your spectator, let’s them off the hook with a laugh, then sends them away with a token of Christmas cheer.


You start by establishing your connection with the man in red (ho ho ho), then have your spectator write down their Christmas wish on Santa’s “Nice” list – or so they thought!


It turns out they must have been naughty, because their gift is a hilarious lump of genuine coal!


But nothing to worry about! You are a magician right? With a simple squeeze of the hand the lump of coal transforms into a crystal diamond!


Surprise and delight ensue!


You elegantly close out the effect with humorous patter, then leave them with a personal memento of this jolly experience.

  • — 1 Rare, authentic piece of Anthracite coal mined in Northeast Pennsylvania (specially treated by Joshua for extended use without the stains!).

    — 1 Sparkling, high quality crystal diamond (not plastic, not acrylic).

    — 1 Long lasting, deep black, thick silicone rubber band (2in x 0.5in).

    — 1 Silver monocle made from durable zinc allow with 5x optical glass.

    — 24 high quality, blank, double-sided, black cards (200 GSM, card stock, 3.5in x 2.2in).

    — 1 Silver metallic, quick drying, fade/water resistant ink permanent marker (sharpie® brand).

    — 1 Bright red, soft to the touch velvet pouch.

  • ✓ In-depth Video Tutorials on Performance and Presentation (Download)
    — Joshua Ray walks you through each phase, in detail, on how to do every move!

    ✓ BONUS: Performance Commentary (Download)
    — This is a professional magician’s play by play breakdown of the performance.
    — You’ll know exactly why Joshua did what he did so that you can avoid potential hurdles and jump over them with ease.

    ✓ BONUS: Duper Practice (Download)
    — Learn faster and start performing quicker with this POV, over the shoulder, slow motion replay of how to perform the effect.

    ✓ BONUS: Mirrored Playback (Download)
    —You’ll no longer be trying to follow along in frustration.
    — With a reversed image version of the tutorial, my movements will mirror yours for lightning fast learning!

    ✓ BONUS: Chapter Markers
    — Now you can skip to WHAT you need WHEN you need it! #NoScrubs!

    ✓ BONUS: Video Captions
    — Need to be quiet? Out and about without headphones? No problem!
    — Captions are perfect for uninterrupted learning when audio isn’t an option.

    ✓ BONUS: Infield, Road Tested Script (Download)
    — A quick PDF guide for anytime access to Joshua’s field tested script.
    — Includes insights, subtitles, and troubleshooting tips.

    ✓ BONUS: Exclusive Lifetime Access To The Deuce Gala Magic Private Facebook Group
    — Get direct assistance with questions.
    — Get access to a seasoned group of like-minded magicians.
    — Watch and participate in monthly LIVE sessions and AMAs.

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