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Magic Bullets Vol 2 by Buck Bowen
  • Magic Bullets Vol 2 by Buck Bowen

Magic Bullets Vol 2 by Buck Bowen

$12.00 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price

Magic Bullets Vol 1 gave you an entertaining, versatile piece of magic to be performed for any audience.

Now comes Vol 2: The Cunning Card Player

In this 3 part piece of stunning entertainment, you wow your audience not with magic, but with an impressive demonstration of gambling themed card skills!

You begin with a casual demonstration of your cunning ability to know the location of cards.

Then you raise the stakes with a poker-face showdown where you can't be out-bluffed!

Finally, without ever touching the cards, you close the show with a wonderful revelation that makes your spectator the star!

And if your audience has never said, "I wouldn't want to play cards with You!" Now they most certainly will!

And the best part? You don't even need to know how to play poker!

The actual best part? It's fun for you to perform, and it's a pleasure for them to participate.

And as always, Magic Bullets requires ZERO sleight of hand, NO pre-arranged setups, no salt, no sweat, no jokers – no joke!

You don’t even need a complete deck!

So pick up Magic Bullets Vol 2 and let's get started!

  • ✓ High Quality Video Content
    — Multiple camera angles, including a top down POV shot for easier learning.
    — Crisp, clear audio for easy listening.

    ✓ In-Depth Tutorials
    Quick Start Guide: Buck quickly takes you through the routine without patter to lay a foundation of how everything works.
    Brief Overview: He'll teach you exactly what to say, what to do, and when to do it.
    Deeper Dive: He'll give you additional insights, subtleties, and ways to make your performance even more deceptive.
    Troubleshooting: He'll provide you with solutions to potential pitfalls so you’ll never have to worry about getting caught off guard.

    ✓ Live Performance Video
    — Watch Buck perform the entire routine with no cuts in front of a live audience so you can see the reactions you can get.

    ✓ BONUS: Performance Commentary
    — This is Buck's play by play breakdown of the performance.
    — He’ll show you the secrets behind why he did what he did so that you can jump over obstacles with ease.

    ✓ BONUS: Road Tested Script
    — A quick PDF guide for anytime access to his field tested script. Know exactly what to say and when to say it!

  • ✓ BONUS: Mirrored Playback (Download)
    —You’ll no longer be trying to follow along in frustration.
    — With a reversed image version of the tutorial, Buck's movements will mirror yours for lightning fast learning!

    ✓ BONUS: Chapter Markers
    — Now you can skip to WHAT you need WHEN you need it! #NoScrubs!

    ✓ BONUS: Video Captions
    — Need to be quiet? No headphones? No problem!
    — Captions are perfect for uninterrupted learning when audio isn’t an option.

    — If you need any assistance within the first 90 days, just reach out and Buck will hop on a Zoom call and go through it with you until you’ve got it!

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