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It's Pursenal (Routines Only)
  • It's Pursenal (Routines Only)
  • It's Pursenal (Routines Only)
  • It's Pursenal (Routines Only)
  • It's Pursenal (Routines Only)
  • It's Pursenal (Routines Only)

It's Pursenal (Routines Only)


Immediate reactions, instant engagement! Whether a quick, captivating opener or a full on fun routine, the invisible purse is no longer just an unusual and interesting prop, it’s now a main feature!


Michael O’Brien is back, but this time It’s Pursenal! His sponge ball opener is the perfect ice breaker. It’s intriguing, highly visual, alluring, and sets the stage for a series of entertaining mysteries. 


While others produce their invisible purse just to put it away, you’ll be equipped with an arsenal of dazzling presentations designed to pique the audience’s imagination, creating interest and engagement. With O’Brien’s purse-frame-of-mind, you’ll learn how to create a through-line in your act while producing and vanishing coins, markers, handkerchiefs, cards, and more!


*Routines Only, no props included.

  • • Instant download of Michael’s sponge ball routine using the purse frame
    5 Bonus routines using the purse frame** ($49 value)
    • In-depth tutorial on performance and presentation
    DG Duper Practice, a slow motion POV of required handlings (available for bonus content only)
    • The DG 1 Pager PDF with real life script plus additional tips and subtleties
    • Video subtitles for watching when audio isn't feasible
    • Chapter markers for quick access
    • A link to VLC Media Player with PDF instructions for mirrored playback
    • Performance commentary: O'Brien's commentary over the performance video for play by play insights

    *Routine Only, does not include props

    **Involves coins, markers, handkerchief, and other props (not included)

  • Cakewalk for the pro.
    A breeze for the amateur.
    Doable for the hobbyist after a few hours of practice.

    Must be able to vanish an object in your hand.

    Great for birthday parties, weddings, corporate, and cocktail events.

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